What We Do

Neurovine is an evidence-based health technology company that optimizes patient brain health.

Neurovine has developed proprietary deep-tech software that:

  • Leverages data from wearable technology and artificial intelligence
  • Empowers patients to take control of their brain recovery
  • Equips caregivers to support this process.

Concussion Recovery is Hard

Current concussion recovery recommendations are vague, generic, and symptom-based, leaving concussion patients feeling confused and isolated. It can be difficult to balance daily life while managing symptoms and knowing how much is too much when it comes to recovery. Light exercise is recommended to improve recovery, but too much exercise or cognitive activity sets the recovery back. 

This ambiguous balance between some activity but not too much routinely leaves concussion patients in the dark. They often push themselves too hard. Consequently, they suffer recurring symptoms or retreat, have a rocky but slow recovery plagued by depression, helplessness and anxiety from social isolation. Many people feel guilty about the added burden they are causing their loved ones and coworkers. 

That’s where Neurovine comes in. 


We help you take charge of your concussion recovery.

Our mission at Neurovine is to open the black box of concussion and to digitally transform the recovery process with real-time data based on scientific research, delivered to your mobile device.

For the first time, patients can be actively engaged in their own brain health, and physicians can receive data they need to effectively monitor and guide concussed patients to a faster recovery.

Neurovine is here for you every step of the way on your road to recovery. 

Learn more about how the Neurovine solution can help you recover.