Our Story

Neurovine was created out of personal experience and professional need.

Co-founders Dr. Ashleigh Kennedy and Dr. Matthew Kennedy approach the issue of concussion from different perspectives.

As an elite athlete, Ashleigh had personal experience with friends and family members suffering from the negative impact of concussions. She focused her schooling on the study of the brain and human performance but felt that the years of research were stuck in the laboratory. 

As a physician, Matthew was frustrated that he lacked the tools to help patients recover from lingering concussions. Concussions are highly complex injuries that are nearly impossible to measure. They are invisible. Patients appear the same to their loved ones and work colleagues, and so they often suffer in silence. They are confused about their recovery process and become socially isolated, dealing with anxiety and depression.

Neurovine aims to empower concussion patients by measuring brain health and optimizing their recovery process. The data collected by Neurovine allows doctors to track improvement, identify triggers, and prescribe appropriate treatment – all in a way that has not yet been possible. The Neurovine team has worked with Canada’s leading experts in the MedTech space, conducted trials in the Digital Health program at the Elizabeth Bruyère Research Institute, and worked with individuals diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome to refine the technology. In a space that has been long neglected by the advancements of technology, Neurovine strives to be a trailblazer in bringing brain health into the hands of Canadians.

What’s next?

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